Our Vision and Values

Our Beliefs

Greensoft GMC’s approach to work is based on a number of beliefs, which are based on science and our collective experiences of working in the field for over two decades. Environmental impacts are the result of intergenerational social, political and economic interactions around resource management. Although climate has historically gone through natural cycles, we concur with the prevailing view that the earth’s climate has warmed significantly and that human activities are the primary cause.

Adaptation will need to be accelerated over the next decades, due to the high likelihood of long-term impacts occurring from increased temperatures. This is as a result of climate warming and concentrations of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses having increased to unprecedented levels.

Human activities have led to this situation, but we optimistically believe that they can also provide solutions. Cooperation is required to adapt to the threats and opportunities resulting from a changing environment. Innovation and finding new ways of doing things will play important roles. Adaptation cannot be achieved by only focusing on environmental aspects. Social, economic and cultural considerations must be taken into account.

Livelihoods of affected communities are central to any discourse. This requires understanding peoples’ needs and taking a systems approach in finding solution. The focus is on fostering processes for prosperity creation, as opposed to poverty reduction. To achieve success, it will be important to ensure that a wide range of sectors are involved.

Programme and project designs must be both nationally and locally relevant, cost-effective, and inclusive in order to achieve long-term sustainability and prosperity building.

Our Values

Greensoft GMC places a significant emphasis on values as individuals and an organization. Demonstrating our values helps us with organization development, decision making, contributions, engagement, and interpersonal interactions. Our core values of optimism, integrity, honesty, and respect transcend everything that we do and are complimented by other values in relation to how we undertake our work, work with clients and stakeholders, and how we manage and treat our staff.

How we work: Greensoft GMC places quality at the heart of everything we do. We are also constantly seeking out new ideas and innovative ways of doing things. We are persistent in the achievement of our client’s requirements and expectations and we will not complete a contract until the highest possible levels of quality have been competently reached.

How we engage: Our focus is on providing a high level of service to our clients. Collaboration with our clients and their stakeholders is key to our success. Greensoft GMC staff are professional, but we always seek to engage in a manner that is friendly, positive and pleasant.