Climate Finance and Investment

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Greensoft GMC has experience in directly supporting, as well as externally evaluating the establishment of projects and programs. Our expertise includes the following:

  • Concept Notes: Greensoft GMC has experience in writing and providing support to accredited entities in the development of concept notes, which are required for funds such the Green Climate Fund and Forest and Forest Carbon Partnership Facility. These notes provide basic information about a programme or project prior to funding approval.
  • Financial Plans and Full Funding Proposal: Following the approval of concept notes detailed plans are required in order to obtain climate financing for programs and projects. Greensoft GMC has experience in developing plans and proposals, as well as evaluating those that have been written by other parties.
  • Analysis: Greensoft GMC has the ability to undertake due diligence, capacity needs assessments, environmental scans, an examination of policy settings, risk management, market and supply chain analysis, in order to support the establishment of programs and projects.