Completed Projects

Greensoft GMC has worked across five continents, including Asia, Africa, South-America, Oceania, and Europe. The following map outlines the countries that we have previously worked in. Greensoft GMC is open to working throughout a range of global locations, within a range of countries, subject to satisfying requirements in terms of country safety index.

To see more detailed information on any of our projects, simply click on the each continent on the map below to be taken to the map showing projects by country.


Year Location Description
2020 Cambodia Terminal Evaluation of the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility’s (FCPF) Readiness Project Phase II
2019-2020 Sudan Support for the Design of the MRV System in the Framework of REDD+ Readiness in the Sudan
2019 Kenya Lessons from Evaluation of Implementation of REDD+ Projects Globally
2018-2019 Lao PDR Capacity Needs Assessment (GCF Project)
2018-19 Zambia Terminal Evaluation (GEF/LDCF Project)
2018-19 Lesotho Mid-Term Review (GEF/LDCF Project)
2018-19 Nigeria Terminal Evaluation of the Nigeria UN-REDD National Programme
2018 Zambia Mid-Term Review (GEF/LDCF Project)
2018 Kampala Terminal Evaluation of the PNG UN-REDD National Programme
2016-2018 Lao PDR Supporting World Bank Lao PDR Country Office on REDD+ and Lao Government
2018-2019 Bhutan Bhutan FCPF National REDD+ Strategy Formulation
2017 Papua New Guinea Terminal Evaluation of the PNG UN-REDD National Programme
2016-2017 Cambodia Technical Review of Cambodia’s Forest Investment Plan
2016-2017 Indonesia Terminal Evaluation “Support to the Establishment of Indonesia REDD+ Infrastructure and Capacity: Interim Phase Project” (Government of Norway)
2016-2017 Bhutan Mid-Term Review of the Bhutan FCPF REDD+ grant and preparation of a financial plan for additional funding
2016 Lao PDR Mid-Term Review Mission of the Lao PDR FCPF REDD+ Grant and supporting preparation of a proposal for requesting additional funding
2016 Cambodia Mid-Term Review of the Cambodia FCPF Redd+ and Preparation of a Financial Plan for Additional Funding
2016 Tanzania Mid-Term Review – (UNDP-GEF) Mainstreaming SFM in Miombo Forest in Tanzania
2016 Zambia Final Evaluation of the Un-Redd Zambia National Program
2015-2016 Lao PDR Adaptation and Mitigation Initiatives in the Lao PDR
2015-2016 Lao PDR Improving Waste Management in the Lao PDR
2014-2016 Lao PDR/


Capacity Building and Strategies for REDD+ in the Lao PDR
2015-2016 Tanzania Final Evaluation of the MRV LIDAR
2015 Zimbabwe Country Needs Assessment for REDD+ MRV in Zimbabwe
2015 Cambodia Final Evaluation of the UN-REDD Cambodia National Program
2014-2015 Lao PDR Lowering Emissions in Asia’s Forests (LEAF) Lao PDR, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Thailand
2014-Present Peru, Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, Malawi,
Carbon Projects Annual Business/Financial Evaluation
2014 Tanzania Programme Review and Formulation. Gap Analysis of Tanzania’s REDD+ Readiness and formulation of Potential UN-REDD Phase II
2012-14 New Zealand Monitoring and Mapping Annual Deforestation for Kyoto and UNFCCC Reporting
2014 Tanzania End-of-Project Review of the Jane Goodall Institute REDD+ Pilot Project in Kigoma, Tanzania
2013 Tanzania Tanzania UN REDD National Programme Final Evaluation
2013 Tanzania Mid-Term Review of the Norwegian Funded Project on Enhancing the Measuring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) of Forests in Tanzania Through the Application of Advanced Remote Sensing Technique
2012-2013 Papua New Guinea Land Use and Land Cover Change Mapping for Voluntary Carbon Project Development
2013 Italy/Global Final Evaluation of the Global Forest Resource Assessment
2011-2012 Lao PDR Technical Review and Evaluation of Application of Remote Sensing and LIDAR for MRV in Lao PDR
2011-2012 New Zealand Review of Application of Remote Sensing in REDD+ MRV System in New Zealand
2011 Vietnam Mid-Term Review of Vietnam’s Forestry Management Information System (FORMIS) – Finnish Foreign Affairs Ministry
2011 DR Congo Indufor Asia Pacific, Senior Consultant, Democratic Republic of Congo
2011 Guyana Guyana REDD+ MRV And Interim Measures Reporting